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The ThemeStarta Editor is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to independently create and customize premium WordPress themes. Use it to build unique WordPress themes from scratch and sell them under your own branding, or grab existing ThemeStarta compatible themes off the shelf and customize them for your clients.

ThemeStarta is an advanced design tool that brings complete high level WordPress theme creation within the reach of designers and any professional that prefers to use a visual interface as part of their workflow process.

With ThemeStarta you no longer need to hire coders to turn your site designs into fully functional WordPress themes. Just design in Photoshop with ThemeStarta in mind, then take care of the entire process of going from PSD to WordPress yourself. 

PSD to WordPress conversion services are typically a minimum of ninety-nine dollars for a simple front page only theme. Services that code up the same theme elements you can use ThemeStarta to create for yourself are typically over a thousand dollars per theme. So you can expect to save a great deal of money by incorporating ThemeStarta into your business.

You also have the option to design completely within ThemeStarta itself, without even touching Photoshop or creating any graphics at all. ThemeStarta gives you access to the latest in CSS3 gradients, shadows and rounded corners at the push of a button, allowing you to create stunning designs that you won't believe are graphics free.

And even if you are a high level coder you'll find ThemeStarta slashes your production time in half by replacing all that hand coding with lightning fast automated code creation.

ThemeStarta provides you with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) theme preview display to help you see your design changes as you make them. Using the base ThemeStarta Framework as your foundation, you build your theme using a combination of settings accessible via options panels and by dragging and positioning various theme elements in the WYSIWYG preview window.

You can build your theme design live and online, or offline. Once finished, you can also use ThemeStarta to save your theme ready for installation on any WordPress site.

ThemeStarta is a WordPress theme creator plugin that was created by designers for designers and as a result design flexibility is at its core. It's perfect for an almost infinite range of WordPress theme designs, and is the ultimate solution for every professional designer or site creator.



You can view your WordPress theme design as it evolves using ThemeStarta's true WYSIWYG theme preview.

Some theme editors and customization toolsets provide only a series of standalone controls, leaving you to guess as to the effect of your design choices as you modify various settings.

With ThemeStarta all tools and controls are inside a live preview version of your theme, so as you make changes to your theme you will see them reflected in the WYSIWYG theme preview area.

The preview area displays demo content, allowing you to style how your real content will appear without the need for you to have your own content ready or live.

(IMPORTANT: Please note it is important to understand that ThemeStarta provides you with a WYSIWYG preview of your theme, but not your site content as it is a theme editor as opposed to a site content editor. The content that appears in the preview is static demo content, as seen in the screenshot below.)

Get an idea of how the editor looks with the following comparison of our Cool Ember WordPress theme as it looks in our live demo, and as it looks in ThemeStarta's theme preview area:

Click image to see large version



Created by designers for designers, ThemeStarta's layout flexibility is unparalleled. Design blog style themes, magazine style themes, image showcase themes, news style themes, themes for selling products, review themes, business themes, or any other type of theme you want. Easily control layout with simple height & width dragging and extensive additional settings throughout your design.

The following live demos of WordPress themes built using ThemeStarta give you an idea of just some of the layout possibilities:

Click any main image to view the full theme



Wherever text appears in your theme, you control it. Use standard fonts or select from hundreds of free-to-use Google fonts. Change how your fonts display in your headings, menus, default text content areas, and so on. From size, color, weight and even text line height, it's all up to you.



Apply any color anywhere, such as backgrounds, borders, menus, slideshows, featured post areas, blockquotes, sidebars, widgets, and on and on. Use ThemeStarta's color picker, type in your preferred color code, or enhance your color scheme with CSS3 color gradients and colored shadows!



Slice up a full graphic site design in Photoshop and use ThemeStarta to bring it to WordPress life, or just upload individual images to spruce up your background, menus, block backgrounds, widget displays and so on. ThemeStarta gives you full image upload control, everywhere you need it.



Only yesterday designers relied solely upon images to create cool curved corner, shadow and gradient effects. Not anymore! ThemeStarta places the latest CSS standard firmly in your hands, allowing you to build a visually spectacular site without ever having to use images at all!



ThemeStarta removes the headache of packaging your designs for WordPress or for your customers. You can set theme names, author names, theme descriptions, links, version numbers, associate a theme screenshot, and even create a theme installer (zip) file, all right from within the editor.



Every single theme you build works seamlessly without the need for ThemeStarta to be installed. Not only does this make distributing your themes easy, it keeps your themes clean and fast without the strain of being dependent on or weighed down by additional, unwanted code. Perfect!



Our support system is second to none. It's designed to facilitate the fastest, most accessible help you can get.

The ThemeStarta help guide has step-by-step documentation on every single ThemeStarta tool, from basic installation to how to create cool CSS3 design effects.

The help guide is completely publicly available, so please feel free to look through it in as much detail as you would like to learn all about ThemeStarta, what it does and how it works. ThemeStarta help guide

You also gain access to private, personal member support right from your very own member dashboard. If you need help, you can be 100% sure it'll be there for you.



ThemeStarta can be purchased under two different licenses for professional use.

The right license for you will depend on what you intend to do with the WordPress themes you create using ThemeStarta:

Developer Club

If you're a Web Designer or Freelancer who wants to make WordPress themes for your clients, or you're an industry professional looking to make WordPress themes you can install on established sites for sale (site flipping), this is the club for you.

You'll receive a License for the ThemeStarta Editor, and a Developer License for the ThemeStarta Framework you'll use as the base for your uniquely designed themes.

This license will enable you to create unique themes to spec for your clients and to install on complete sites you intend to sell (flip).

Please read each of these licenses prior to purchase to ensure they are the right fit for you and your business: ThemeStarta Editor EULA, ThemeStarta Framework Developer EULA

You'll also receive a selection Extended License for every single PlanetStarta theme, and Regular Licenses for all of our other products, including our popular MobiViewa mobile preview script, our highly sought after StoreStarta plugin and more.

Check out the comparison table below for full details on what's included.

Enterprise Club

If you're a Product Seller looking to make WordPress themes that you can sell over and over again, such as through a theme store, this is the club for you.

You'll receive a License for the ThemeStarta Editor, and an Enterprise License for the ThemeStarta Framework you'll use as the base for your uniquely designed themes.

This license will enable you to create your own themes and sell them as stand alone products, in your own stores, in online marketplaces, and in your own product bundles.

Please read each of these licenses prior to purchase to ensure they are the right fit for you and your business: ThemeStarta Editor EULAThemeStarta Framework Enterprise EULA 

Plus, you'll receive Extended Licenses for every single product in our collection, including themes, plugins, scripts and graphics. It doesn't get any better than that!

Sorry, we are not currently accepting new members: details.